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About us

Our mission is to start a conversation with you in this fast-paced, connected world. We build and develop your digital business.

We are a graphic and web design company specializing in layout, web design, voice-overs, photography and video production.


Bringing a smile to the faces of all those faced with communication and graphic design problems


By designing and printing media, we help of any scale to communicate.


From talent combined with passion and seasoned with Grace, Preagos was born…
It started out as three talented people, all passionate about digital, each with one or more areas of expertise, and each already the owner of a personal digital business. One day, when we least expected it, one of us came up with the idea of merging and creating a digital chain, which we are honored to present to you today.


All three of us having received and accepted the idea with great enthusiasm, we then had to move on to the next step, which was to find a name for our next company, obviously obliged to close our personal businesses. We wanted a name that would really define our identity and that we could draw on every day for motivation, a name that would be our landmark, that would be the very root of this project.


“Preach The Gospel” was a unanimous choice, as it was what represented us the most, the three of us being children of God. To refine it a little further and turn it into a brand, we came up with “Preagos”, pronounced “prigo-s” in French and “preego-s” in English. To add a digital touch to this name, which at first glance doesn’t exactly reflect the field in which we operate, we opted for the slogan “The digital impact”.


That, in a nutshell, is the story behind this company, which from now on will be your faithful servant in digital matters, and which, thanks to the rigor of its work, will certainly always provide you with total satisfaction.

Our working method
01 – Quote
We receive your specifications or request.
We then get in touch with you and ask you a number of questions to find out more about your needs
Once this has been validated, we will make you proposals based on the design.
You give us your comments and recommendations, and we make changes.
We then create the final version.
We deliver the final version
Why you should choose us
We'll get the job done to your satisfaction

👍 High-quality, intuitive and ergonomic designs

👍 Quality support

👍 Experienced professionals

👍 On-time delivery

👍 Express service available

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Satisfied customers
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